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Immobilien Alexander Awrach  is specialized in the purchase and sale of real estate in Europe, particularly in Germany and Spain.

Working directly with major real estate companies, housing cooperatives, banks and other financial institutions, we can offer you real properties that completely meet your interests. Choosing us, you get the services of qualified professionals who know the market and the specifics, as well as the peculiarities of «Russian» client.

Companies and firms that are registered in Germany and have a license in accordance with § 34 c GewO. to realize the broking in the property market in Germany can conduct this type of activity!!!

Our differences:

-  We have highly competent and long-experienced partners in the fields of finance, law and tax law!

- You get a full range of services from a single source (real estate search, financing, insurance, after-sales service, etc.)!

- We speak Russian!

Following the principle — «Our experience makes your capital,» we want you to be our long-term partners. Your opinion is very important for us and in future we hope you to recommend us to your friends.