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» Our services
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Our services

The price of our services in the area of acquisition of real estate ranged from 3 to 6% of net or respectively 3.57 and 7.14% including VAT of the sale value of the property specified in the bill.

Our package includes:

- Pre consultations on all convenient for you means of communication: telephone, fax, mail, Skype

 — The selection of several variants of objects that match the requested requirements and wishes.

- If necessary, we make out and send you an invitation to obtain a visa

- Upon request, we provide hotel and airline tickets reservation

(accommodation and flight at your expense)

- Meeting at the airport of Düsseldorf and checking into a hotel

- Support throughout the acquisition of real estate

- Assistance in obtaining mortgages

- Translation of the deed

- Assistance with opening a checking account at a German bank.

After-sales service. The signing of the deed is not the last step on the way to your own housing. It can take 2 or 3 months before you become the full owner of the property. During this period the payment of housing and additional charges connected with the purchase of property and renewal of property is taking place. Throughout this period we represent your interests. Any other services and wishes can be arranged.