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» Real estate
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Real estate

Immobilien Alexander Awrach realizes all your desires in the property market in Germany, including the consideration of your application for search, support during the inspection of objects, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each case and accompaniment to the notary and the provision of detailed professional translation. The purchase of a house is associated with additional charges, which you need to know in advance. Those expenses are tax levy of 3.5% of the price of the house, notary and legal costs 1.5%, broker fee of 3.57% to 7.14%.

The attractiveness of investing in real estate in Germany

Real estate is the most reliable investment that can not be lost, as even a force majeure insured. If we talk about Germany as a whole, such concepts as reliability and stability, accuracy and order in everything characterize this country

Economic efficiency

German property is of high quality and secure investment. The statistics of recent years indicates a lack of price increase and the reduce of the of real estate in some regions. Macro- and microeconomic indicators of recent years testifies the revival of German economy, which consequently have a positive impact on the real estate market conditions in the coming years. Historically low real estate prices and credits make attractive the investments in German real estate today. If the object is purchased for rental, the return of investment could reach 4-10% per annum with monthly «payments» of the invested capital at the expense of rent. Thus, real estate in Germany, is also a great «pension fund» for those who do not want to manage the business with automatic indexing for inflation and other possible market fluctuations.